They make films, theater and music, or work as producers, educators and environmentalists. They come from Chile, Brazil, Great Britain, France or Germany. They consult, accompany and support the Collegium, and they provide ideas and advice; in many cases they have done so for years. To our fellows: Our heartfelt thanks!

Wilfredo Alfaro (Climate Change, The Impacts of Climate Change)

Manuel Arredondo

Ephraim Broschkowski (Climate Media Factory)

Jennifer Maria Krah (Education for Sustainable Development)

Raúl Lucero (Documentary Film-making, TV-Magazine)

Dr. Andrea Mess (Systemic Biology)

Gala Montero (Dramaturge)

Wendy Morel (Pedagogy, Education for Sustainable Development)

Shalini Nair

Thami Nkosi (Pedagogy, Education for Sustainable Development)

Juan Pablo Orrego (Social Movement, Communication, Resiliance)

Gabriel Sanhueza Suarez (Communication, Education for Environmental Protection)

Ramón Sepúlveda (Film Making)

Claudio Silva Romero (Photography, Image Culture)

Nadine Shovakar (Education for Sustainable Development)

Eduardo Solano (Environmental Protection)

Saransh Sugandh (Film Making, Eduction for Sustainable Development)

Aneirin Wenner (Water Management, Rainwater Harvesting, Geography)

Yuda Achdiyani Tamin