Research for Practical Application

Researchers look for answers to questions.

At KMGNE, our research work examines the following questions:

Communications research

How, and with which media and formats, can which climate and transformation messages be translated for which milieu? How do we find new metaphors and symbols, and aesthetics of climate culture, sustainability and participation?

What are the sources of good ideas – what touches people, what affects them? What are the sources of motivation?

Who needs which communicative skills – for which adaptation, and for which type of risk? How can stakeholder communications be combined with scientific communications, and how can they design media and formats on the Internet?

How can communications deal with “uncertainties?” The communications of sustainability is risky and precarious; its legitimisation requires social and epistemic robustness and resilience. Which “incentives systems” and which “public spaces” are necessary for the communication of sustainability?

Learning research
How do learning processes proceed? Which frameworks are needed for sustainable learning processes and for learning arrangements for learning sustainable development?

Which flexible, intelligent learning cultures fit transformation processes? And which educational landscapes are necessary for that?

What are learning skills, activity skills and design skills? What are skills for sustainable development and for transformation?

Which functions does educational consultation have for lifelong learning and for education for sustainable development? How do educational processes correlate with processes of communication?

Which learning cultures are appropriate for learning and communication with cultural techniques of the Internet Web 2.0, and social media?

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