We Do


We do films, blogs and events, we do research projects and further education, we do books and we do consulting. We also do an International Summer University and Blended Learning. And we operate the Dessau-Berlin-Brandenburg Regional Quality Center, and are the ProfilPASS advisory center.

What we offer in the area of communications:

Do you want to re-orient the communications of your institution? Do you need a well-rounded scientific analysis of an area of communications? Do you want support with the development of your message or your communications concept? Are you looking for speakers on the issue of communications or sustainable development for your conference, or for your training or further-education program?

With our interdisciplinary team of experts, we will be happy to consult you, give you additional orientation, or, together with you, develop your external communications program. We offer workshops for the drafting of communications concepts, which we will be happy to adapt to your needs, and we hold presentations on issues of communications.

What we offer in the area of education and consulting:

Are you interested in

  • Open and media-based learning?
  • Self-directed and competence-oriented learning?

in the areas of communications and transformation, educational consulting and education for sustainable development?

At our International Summer University and in seminars and workshops, we design, organize and accompany learning processes for a new type of communications culture.

Do you need professional support for the development of educational concepts in the areas of communications and transformation, educational consulting and/or education for sustainable development – open and media-based, self-directed and competence-oriented?

We will be happy to use our extensive experience to ascertain, in a conversation with you, what we could do for you.