A Team

Our KMGNE team consists of seventeen staff members and numerous international fellows. They include engineers working with educators; filmmakers working with sociologists; recent graduates and recruits from other disciplines alongside veteran staff members; and permanent staff alongside self-employed partners. This keeps our view of things open and diverse. In-house too, communication is our everyday life.

For more on our particular fields of work and a few personal histories, click below:

Dr. Jutta Franzen (E-Learning, Social Media)

Martina Zienert (International Development Cooperation, Educational Consultation, Educational Landscapes)

Dr Manfred Ade (Biodiversity, Systemic biology)

Hannes Bever (Trans-disciplinary Research Methods, “The Research Revolution”)

Dr. Joachim Borner (Education and Communications for Sustainable Development; Educational Landscapes)

Johannes Bünger (Media Production, Social Spot/Commercials)

Viban Fofie (Media Production)

Katrin Gerstenberger (Secretariat, Administration)

Raúl Gonzalez (Territorial Development, Sustainability, Participation)

Michael Greif (Media Events, Eco-Film Festivals)

Dario Jaña-Castro (Latin American Cooperation, Intercultural Communications)

Holgar Kettner (Media Production, Social Spots/Commercials)

Anne Mette (International Projects, Education For Sustainable Development, Stakeholder Communications)

Dr Thorsten Permien (Education for Sustainable Development, Ecosystem Services)

Eduardo Saavedra (Performing Arts and Sustainability)

Sarah Sandring (Community Art, Community Media Collaboration)

Jörg Schnabel (Political Education, Author and Music Production)