We want to develop solutions for socio-economic, ecological and cultural problems – and not just with our research and educational projects, but also together with you, directly and on a basis of equality.

Design of educational and learning landscapes

Do you want to build an educational landscape, and need instruments, structures and the rules of the game for local educational management?
We support local and state policy-makers and administrations, municipal associations, education providers and systemic educational institutions in such tasks.

Design of research projects

Do you want to implement a trans-disciplinary research project in areas of the energy policy, climate adaptation in land-use systems and metropolitan areas, and/or combating climate change and CO2 reduction?
We’ll advise and accompany you during design, development, introduction, development of a roadmap, and the reflection and evaluation of the project. We also support you by consultation and coaching in your network development and moderation of trans-disciplinary projects, and in the reflection and follow-up analysis of the changes in dynamic transformation processes.

The design of communications projects

Do you need a communications concept for your installation or for your project? Or you want to strengthen your communicative and participatory skills?
We implement the consultation, coaching and empowerment of institutions active in the areas of climate protection and adaptation, and in the paths of sustainable development. We accompany and advise you in your communications projects, your permanent agenda setting, your target-group and message-oriented campaigns, your design of communications concepts and structural models for participatory and stakeholder communication, and the communication of trans-disciplinary projects of practical research; we also consult you in the use of the new media.

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