Over the years, KMGNE has received many prizes and awards. We are proud of them, and would like to present them to you:

2012: We in the Future: The Greenview – The double-nationwide environmental contest in Russia and Germany, by the Goethe Institute in Moscow, the German Federal Environment Agency and the Russian Ecological Center
All of our three video clips made in the International Summer University and the project cool, took all three prizes, as follows, (1) “Der Tisch(The Table); (2) “Die Erde hat Fieber (The Earth has a fever); (3) “Spiegelsoldaten(Mirror soldiers).

2011: The Education for Sustainable Development Award of the German UNESCO Commission
This institutional award was presented to the Collegium on the 19th of September 2011. The KMGNE, it was stated, showed impressively how future-appropriate education can look like. “The jury, with its vote, recognized the Collegium’s ability to convey in an understandable manner how people can act sustainably,” said Prof. Gerhard de Haan, Chair of the National Committee and of the jury for the UN Decade in Germany.

2010: The 2010 Future Prize: Gardens of the Metropolises of the Academy for Sustainable Development of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
On December 2, 2010, the music video KlimaClown received an acknowledgment prize. The laudation stated “Everything that is today being designed, planned and decided will be accompanying those who are now young for the longest time. If the development does not proceed sustainably, if it is based upon a waste of resources and upon pollution of the environment, they are the ones who will have to live with its consequences the longest. What seems more logical then, than to develop these texts and images together with these young people? One outstanding example is the video KlimaClown.”

2010: The 2010 Talents and Ideas Day in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
In Schwerin on November 25th, the project COOL – Change of our Life was awarded a prize at the 4th Talents and Ideas Day, 2010, by Henry Tesch, State Minister of Education, Science and Culture of the State of Mecklenburg- Vorpommern.

2010: The 2009 Climate film prize of the 31st Munich International Festival of Filmschools
The Video “Technologien” won the Climate Clip Award for 2010 of the Munich International Festival of Filmschools. The Jury stated: “Frederike Wagner and Tina Teucher have been able to clearly recount, in less than two minutes, the victory march of the new technologies in the area of renewable energies, against all resistance. Using skillful fade-ins and rapid sequences, they sarcastically confront skeptical forecasts and statements by their former opponents with statistics showing the success of these technologies.”

2010: Good climate for a future in Mecklenburg- Vorpommern
On the 26th of June 2010 the ‘Cool – Change of our life’ project received an award in Güstrow for its successful participation in the statewide environmental contest “Setting the course: A Good Climate for a Future in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

2010: Steps to a sustainable future
On the 29th of April 2010, the Munich publishing house Oekom awarded two of the three prizes in the competition to the video “Technologien” and the essay “Eine Geschichte zur Ökosteuerung” (A history of eco-management).

2010: Climate Prize 2009 of the Allianz Environmental Foundation
On March the 2nd, 2010, the climate prize was awarded for the music video Klimashow with the sponsorship of Minister of the Environment Röttgen.

2010 Climate film Prize 2009 of the 30th Munich International Festival of Filmschools
The Jury stated: “With plenty of sarcasm and satirical jabs, and rapidly switching camera positions, the clip Die Anderen (The others) demonstrates our daily waste of energy in a household scene, and places the responsibility on all of us. A complex topic which the jury feels has been addressed in less than one minute with admirable competence and technical skill.”

2009/2010: World Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
COOL – Change of our Life is an official project of the ‘World Decade of Education for Sustainable Development’.

2009: Land of Ideas
On July the 10th, 2009, the Day of Open Studios, the “Selected Locations in the Land of Ideas” award was presented.
As a “Selected Location,” the Collegium represented the innovation potential and future capability of our country with the International Summer University “Audiovisual Communications: Renewable Energies, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change”.

2008/2009: World Decade Education for Sustainable Development
The International Summer University is an official project of the World Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

2009: Sustainability Project 100×100
’Cool – Change of our lifeis to be given an award at the sustainability project 100×100 at the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Solar centre, an external location of the Federal Horticultural Exhibition (BUGA).

2008: 14th Neubrandenburg Youth Media Festival
The music video „Heißbär“ was given an award at the 14th Neubrandenburg Youth Media Festival.

2006: Laureate at the Short Film Competition OFFENBARUNGEN
On May the 19th, 2006, the video clip “Gehen wir oder bleiben wir“ (To go or to stay?) was presented and given an award at the Short Film Competition OFFENBARUNGEN (Revelations) at the Berlin Ullstein Hall. Of more than 100 submissions, fourteen were nominated for the contest. The Jury, consisting of Trevor Peters, Wolfgang Pfeifer and Filipa Cesar, stressed the special coherence of content and aesthetic form.

2005: Act & Jam, North Rhine-Westphalia, New Learning
On December the 3rd 2005, The music video Gehen wir oder bleiben wir was awarded the 4th  Prize  of the Media Contest ‘Act and Jam’ of the state of  North Rhine-Westphalia “New Learning.”