Sustainable development is something one has to learn – and it’s a lifelong learning process. On the other hand, without e-learning, lifelong learning is impossible today. That’s why our Competence Team has for years been dedicated to the evaluation, conceptualization, design and implementation of e-learning projects.

What we offer in the area of e-learning:

  • Consultation: Introductory consultation on the possibilities and limits of electronic media, needs analyses, and conceptualisation and planning of e-learning programs
  • Conception: Curriculum development, development of teaching concepts and concepts for a target-group-appropriate learning environment, storyboard and script development
  • Project management: Curriculum development, project calculation and project management, quality control, project-accompanying consulting
  • Content production: Development of learning materials in cooperation with specialist authors, preparation/revision of existing learning materials for the use of an e-learning environment
  • Online and off-line training: Implementation of online courses (tutoring), training of staff and teaching personnel (tutor and author training)
  • Technical services: Posting of outside tenders on the IVANE learning platform, preparation of chats, forums, weblogs, wikis and other formats.

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