Communications on an equal level, networking, exchange of knowledge and opinion, information – that’s what blogs are for. That’s why we use them extensively. We’ll support you in designing and implementing your blog.

During the International Summer University, we welcome all participants in the blog as authors: entries on the issues of transformation in the context of climate adaptation are posted, ranging from factual scientific information to personal experiences and messages for common action. One thing to consider, in order to produce exciting articles for the internet that are good to read and are redistributed through social media are the experiences of the Author of what they have learned during the online workshop, and that they are then immediately blogged.

Every day, the Collegium’s editorial team research important issues and news items which are discussed in the blog. They then re-edit and distribute the contents in order to encourage further discussion. Once an entry has been published, it is immediately linked to the social networks.

Our current blogs:

International Summer University | Climate Culture Communications Lab
“Audiovisual communications on the Great Transformation in the context of climate adaptation”
This blog includes articles from the seminars and workshops of the International Summer Academy; dates and information; and comments from our international students.
Blog languages: German, Spanish, English

Designing educational landscapes – the Dessau-Roßlau educational landscape
This blog is about the background of, and gives information about, the Dessau-Roßlau educational landscape
German-language blog

Energy in the village
Experience reports and voices from the villages in which bio-energy is already used.
It also gives information on the issue of energy technologies.
German-language blog