We are the Collegium for the Management and Design of Sustainable Development (KMGNE) – a Berlin-based research and educational institute with a mission: to communicate sustainability and to communicate sustainably. We are familiar with education networks – that’s what distinguishes us from other organizations.

Sustainably communicating sustainability is not always easy; after all, sustainability, climate change and the energy turn-around are tough issues. At the same time, they affect us all in our everyday lives, in the political sphere, and when we’re faced with important decisions, such as how we and our children want to live in the future.

What we’re seeking – together with representatives of the scientific and academic communities; active and committed policy-makers and educators; artists and holders of international fellowships – is answers to such questions as:

• How can we design societal transformation processes toward sustainable development?
• What knowledge do we need for that purpose, and how can we develop it collaboratively?
• How can we learn to work through conflicts in a communicative and participatory manner?
• And also: what visions of a good life will support us in that?

Addressing such issues is a tradition at KMGNE. Since our founding in 1998, the Collegium has carried out more than 100 research and consultation projects on sustainability, and has scientifically accompanied and also practically implemented numerous educational projects.