New Learning Cultures

Sustainable development is a far-reaching process of transformation. In order to design and control it, we need knowledge and skills. KMGNE conveys practical professional contents, knowledge and skills for the various activities involved in the design processes. We pursue a modern understanding of learning: life-long, self-organized and sustainable.

Education is more than an accumulation of knowledge, and learning takes place everywhere in everyday life – throughout one’s whole life. A variety of sites of learning, media and self-organized processes of learning permit educational landscapes to emerge which are always also contexts of relationships and social networks.

We convey the socio-communicative skills to permit us to accompany and consult learning people. That occurs with our own educational opportunities in which we also, in our role of accompanying the learning process, support the collaboration, participation and self-organization of the learning people.

In our educational work, we bring a wide variety of influences and experiences together: from university environmental-scientific training, international leadership-training for sustainable development education, regional development, on-the-job and integrated further development, and educational consultation. We connect this with new knowledge of skills conveyance and lifelong learning, and thus create new learning cultures.

In the centre of our further training are the learning people with their expectations and needs. We convey knowledge at a high level – and nonetheless at a practical level. Our teaching personnel must not only meet high professional, educational and methodological qualifications; they must also share our values: the values and standards of the Enlightenment and the humanistic view of humankind, with the goals of educational justice and equal opportunity.
For more on our philosophy of education, see our Educational Guideline.

What we currently offer for education can be found here, and if you need advice and support in the design of educational and learning environments, you can find more information here.