Whether it is a brochure, a scientific study; book or photo album; whether KMGNE or a guest author wrote it, our publications offer new perspectives of themes such as sustainable development; education and communication; civil society and new work. Simply order online, or download for free.


Joachim Borner, 2013

Communicating Sustainability towards #2052

Booklet and DVD

Climate protection and adaptation, sustainable development, "the good life", rules for justice and diversity are potential cultural innovations for the global survival of humanity.

KMGNE gGmbH (ed.), 2012

NFB Special | Mobility


For the Round Table of the UN Decade on Education for Sustainable Development, Dresden, November 2012

KMGNE gGmbH (ed.), 2012

Education landscape searches for Management


To anchor the philosophy of lifelong learning in communities and implement it requires education management. To organize this educational management is the biggest challenge that a community or region has to face.

Lars Gräßner/Friedrich Hagedorn (ed.), 2012

Using media sustainably: Papers on media ecology and media education


The book addresses various facets of sustainable media competence – from the ecological footprint to the green utopia.

KMGNE gGmbH (ed.), 2011

NFB Special | Best of Climate Clips 2.0


In this KMGNE special edition, Best of clips Climate 2.0 'from the series NFB - compiled the best examples of audiovisual communication about sustainability and climate change adaptation, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

LernNetz Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. (ed.), 2011

Bildungsberatung gestalten. Strategien zur Steuerung Lebenslangen Lernens. [Designing educational consultation: Strategies for managing lifelong learning)


Paul Tett, Audun Sandberg and Anne Mette/KMGNE (ed.), 2011

Sustaining Coastal Zone Systems


The book provides an introduction into the system approach for the understanding and management of complex interactions of the natural ecosystem and human economy and society in coastal areas.

KMGNE gGmbH (ed.), 2011

Bildungsübergänge und so


How can we effectively communicate the field of activity of educational transition?

KMGNE gGmbH (Ed.), 2011

NFB Special | Best of Cool - Change of our life


Music videos on labour, migration, renewable energies, climate change, and its effects.

KMGNE gGmbH (ed.), 2010

NFB.5 Erneuerbare Energien . Energieeffizienz . Klimawandel. Klimafolgen (NFB.5 Renewable Energy. Energy Efficiency. Climate Change. The Effects of Climate Change)


Commercials, short films, music videos, radio adverts, experimental films


...aaand - Action!


The sustainable view of film: ... aaand - Action! Media-based communication environment for children and young people. A Practical Guide

Susanne Rodemann, 2009

Design Skills through Volunteering (Gestaltungkompetenz durch freiwilliges Engagement)


Informal learning of Greenpeace's assets for the purposes of education for sustainable development

Joachim Borner, Ephraim Broschkowski, Melanie Krause, Rainer Luca, 2008

Images of the future - between media production and new cultural encounter (Zukunftsbilder - zwischen medialer Inszenierung und neuer Begegnungskultur)

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Joachim Borner, 2008

Die Entwicklung und Strukturierung des Kompetenzbegriffes (The development and structure of the competence concept)

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From Qualification to Expert

KMGNE gGmbH (Ed.), 2008

Educational,- Professional- and career guidance in 40 seconds


On this DVD expect to find four entertaining spots, that have arisen in our work for education and lifelong learning.

KMGNE gGmbH (ed.), 2008

NFB.4 Erneuerbare Energien . Energieeffizienz . Klimafolgen . Biodiversität (NFB.4 Renewable Energy, Enegry Efficiency, The effects of Climate Change, Biodiversity)


Commercials, short films, music videos, radio adverts, experimental films

Lydia Tatjana Nitzsche, Joachim Borner, 2008

Kompetenzbilanzierung – ein ressourcenorientiertes Beratungskonzept (Accounting expertise - a resource-oriented consulting approach)

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Text [pdf]

KMGNE gGbmH (Ed), 2007

NFB.3 Erneuerbare Energien . Energieeffizienz . Klimawandel. (Renewable Energy. Energy Efficiency And Climate Change)


AV commercials, music videos, radio plays.

KMGNE gGmbH (Ed), 2007

Career guidance and skills development


Education requires continuity, a career requires a system.

Drina Bascón-Scheffler, 2007

Partizipatives Wirkungsmonitoring (Participatory Impact Monitoring)

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Supporting sustainable development in the Municipality of Rio Hurtado.