Dr. Jutta Franzen

Dr. Jutta Franzen

It was in the summer of 1994, when friends invited me  to an introduction to the Internet.  I had already heard of the so called cyberspace and was curious to learn more about it. At last, I had the chance to check it out. In the workshop, I met many people I knew who, like me, were dealing with the then “new” medium video. But going online failed, because the modem was unable to connect.

A few weeks later,  I got my own internet account. From the beginning, I have been excited about the world of knowledge I could find on the web and the easy ways to join in by publishing my own content to an audience all over the world.

Soon, I became a professional in writing and designing for the web, and also a lecturer introducing the needed skills – media competence – in workshops and e-learning courses.

Today, due to social media, user generated content,  sharing and networking has become a part of our everyday lifes. How can we build communication, collaboration and social commitment on this participatory culture? These are the leading questions for me, when developping concepts and content for KMGNE’s objectives.


  • Dr.phil. | Freie University of Berlin, Institute for Sociology
  • Degree in Sociology | Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt/ Main

Fields of work: E-Learning, Social Media


Email: jfranzen@kmgne.de

Phone: +49 (0)30 29 367 940

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