Author/Publisher: Joachim Borner

Communicating Sustainability towards #2052

Booklet and DVD

Climate protection and adaptation, sustainable development, "the good life", rules for justice and diversity are potential cultural innovations for the global survival of humanity.

How can we recount these changes so that, despite their inherent uncertainties, they are more convincing and more liveable than today’s popular culture?

Communication in this sense means telling the “great new story” about that intercultural humanity which, out of intelligence, responsibility and empathy, will achieve the great turnaround in the next fifty years. For this “story of the future”, we need not only alternatives and development opportunities, but, just as much, metaphors, images and symbols. They can only emerge collaboratively, in participatory communications processes.

The booklet is a collection of audio-visual discussions of the issues of the transformation towards sustainable development. It is a compilation created in processes of design and communication in Chile, Brazil, Russia and Germany, involving communication experts, artists, web designers, environmental scientists, stakeholders and development experts.

It reflects search processes for symbols and metaphors, for media and formats, for “trans-media storytelling” – in short, for the great cultural transformation of sustainable development. The quotes and text modules are a work in progress in this search for the appropriate forms for the communication of climate culture and the culture of sustainable development. It is a search for new aesthetics.

Year of publication: 2013

Publisher, place: Berlin

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